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GRASP discovery of Registrar by Join Assistant


This document describes an Autonomic System Agent (ASA) that permits discovery of a registrar, as well as determination via GRASP if a registrar would be willing to consider enrolling a specific node.

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Table of Contents

1. Introduction

[I-D.richardson-6tisch-dtsecurity-secure-join] and [I-D.ietf-anima-bootstrapping-keyinfra] describe autonomic protocols wherein a New Entity or Pledge is joined to a network. While the two protocols are different, in each case they make use of a helper, called the Join Assistant which is a single layer-2 hop from the pledge.

The Join Assistant relays packets to and from the Registrar using a circuit proxy, or with an IPIP tunnel. In order to do this, the Join Assistant needs to know the address of the Registrar.

GRASP has a discovery mechanism that permits the Join Assistant to discover the location of the Registrar, and then, it can use the negotiation part of the protocol to communicate the existance of the new Pledge/New Entity to the Registrar.

1.1. Terminology

In this document, the key words "MUST", "MUST NOT", "REQUIRED", "SHALL", "SHALL NOT", "SHOULD", "SHOULD NOT", "RECOMMENDED", "MAY", and "OPTIONAL" are to be interpreted as described in BCP 14, RFC 2119 [RFC2119] and indicate requirement levels for compliant STuPiD implementations.

2. Autonomic System Agent Description

This ASA has an objective named "6JOIN".

The objective takes two arguments: the EUI-64 or IID of the new pledge, and an enumerated type to indicate the kind of join process being pursued. The current list of join process mechanism are:

  1. "6p-ipip"
  2. "https-est"

2.1. CDDL for objective

 objective = ["6JOIN", objective-flags, loop-count,
              [IID, join-method]]

 loop-count = 0..255         ; as in the GRASP specification
 objective-flags /=          ; as in the GRASP specification
 IID = bytes .size 8         ; the IID of the New Entity or Pledge
 join-method /= "6p-ipip"    ; the Join method is outgoing CoAP-6p
                             ; with an IPIP encapsulation
 join-method /= "https-est"  ; the Join method is EST over HTTP

3. Security Considerations


4. IANA Considerations

This allocates a new entry in the GRASP Objective Names Table with the name "6JOIN".

5. References

5.1. Normative References

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5.2. Informative References

[I-D.ietf-anima-bootstrapping-keyinfra] Pritikin, M., Richardson, M., Behringer, M. and S. Bjarnason, "Bootstrapping Remote Secure Key Infrastructures (BRSKI)", Internet-Draft draft-ietf-anima-bootstrapping-keyinfra-03, June 2016.
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