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Accounting in NETCONF and RESTCONF


This document defines an accounting record for NETCONF and RESTCONF.

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Table of Contents

1. Introduction

NETCONF [RFC6241] and RESTCONF [RFC8040] protocol operations are authenticated and authorized as part of the Authentication, Authorization and Accounting (AAA) framework. An accounting record needs to be created as part of the same framework for each of these operations to satisfy the accounting part of AAA. Having an accounting record that is consistent across vendors allows for the operator to compare operations across devices from different vendors. This document defines such a record and a corresponding YANG data model (ietf-netconf-am.yang).

The rest of this document will use NETCONF to imply both NETCONF and RESTCONF, but where applicable will call out each protocol specifically.

1.1. Terminology

The following terms are defined in NETCONF [RFC6241] and are not redefined here:

2. Accounting Record

An accounting record for NETCONF consists of the following fields.

acct-code date-time src-ip session-id task-id user groups path action rule status


acct-code: START indicates a start of a new record, NONE a continuation, and STOP the end of the record.

date-time: The date and time when the operation was performed (UTC Timezone)

src-ip: The source IP address that was used to request the operation

session-id: The session-id in case of NETCONF and would be blank in case of RESTCONF

task-id: Used to track a accounting record in case it needs to split for uploading or storing. The id is a monotonically increasing number assigned by the server.

user: The NETCONF user that requesed this operation.

groups: The group the user belongs to.

path: The path in the NACM rule on which the operations is being performed

action: The action in the NACM rule

rule: The rule in the NACM that was used to authorize the action.

status: Whether the operations was permitted or denied.

3. Data Model Definitions

3.1. Data Organization

module: ietf-netconf-am
   +--ro nam
      +--ro accounting-record* [task-id]
         +--ro task-id       uint32
         +--ro session-id?   nc:session-id-type
         +--ro acct-code     enumeration
         +--ro date-time     yang:date-and-time
         +--ro src-ip        inet:ip-address
         +--ro group         nacm:group-name-type
         +--ro user?         nacm:user-name-type
         +--ro path          nacm:node-instance-identifier
         +--ro action        nacm:access-operations-type
         +--ro rule?         string
         +--ro status?       nacm:action-type

The following diagram highlights the contents and structure of the Accounting YANG module.

3.2. YANG Module

The following YANG module specifies the normative NETCONF content that MUST be supported by the server.

The "ietf-netconf-am" YANG module imports typedefs from YANG-TYPES [RFC6991], from NETCONF [RFC6241] and from NACM [RFC6536].

<CODE BEGINS> file ietf-netconf-am@2017-03-13.yang

module ietf-netconf-am {
    yang-version 1.1;
    namespace "urn:ietf:params:xml:ns:yang:ietf-netconf-am";
    prefix "nam";

    import ietf-inet-types {
        prefix inet;
        //    "RFC 6991: Common YANG Data Types";
    import ietf-yang-types {
        prefix yang;
        //    "RFC 6991: Common YANG Data Types";
    import ietf-netconf {
        prefix nc;
        //    "RFC 6241: NETCONF Protocol";

    import ietf-netconf-acm {
        prefix nacm;
        //    "RFC 6536: NACM";

        "IETF NETCONF (Network Configuration) Working Group";

        "WG Web:   <>
         WG List:  <>

         WG Chair: Mehmet Ersue

         WG Chair: Mahesh Jethanandani

         Editor:   Mahesh Jethanandani

        "This module defines an accounting record for NETCONF operations
         performed on the server. If these operations are authorized 
         using rules defined by NACM [RFC6536], then that information is 
         also captured by this module.

         Copyright (c) 2014 IETF Trust and the persons identified as
         authors of the code. All rights reserved.

         Redistribution and use in source and binary forms, with or
         without modification, is permitted pursuant to, and subject
         to the license terms contained in, the Simplified BSD
         License set forth in Section 4.c of the IETF Trust's
         Legal Provisions Relating to IETF Documents

         This version of this YANG module is part of RFC XXXX; see
         the RFC itself for full legal notices.";

     revision "2017-03-13" {
             "Initial version";
             "RFC XXXX: NETCONF and RESTCONF Accounting";

      * Data definition statements.

     container nam {
         config false;
             "Parameters for NETCONF Accounting Model.";

         list accounting-record {
             key "task-id";
                 "A list of accounting records generated by the server";

             leaf task-id {
                 type uint32;
                     "The task-id is a monotonically increasing number 
                      assigned by the server to capture a single 

             leaf session-id {
                 type nc:session-id-type;
                     "If this operation happened over NETCONF, this 
                      field captures the NETCONF session-id. In case 
                      of RESTCONF this field can be left blank.";

             leaf acct-code {
                 type enumeration {
                     enum start {
                             "Start of an accounting record";
                     enum stop {
                             "Indicates the end of an accounting 
                     enum none {
                             "Indicates a single payload or a 
                              continuation of an accounting record.";
                 mandatory true;
                     "Some of the AAA server place a limit on the size 
                      of the payload that can be transmitted at any 
                      particular time. 
                      This field indicates what constitues a complete 
                      accounting record by setting up the boundaries. If 
                      the accounting record fits within the payload 
                      boundary the field should be set to none.";

              leaf date-time {
                  type yang:date-and-time;
                  mandatory true;
                      "The date and time when the operation was 

              leaf src-ip {
                  type inet:ip-address;
                  mandatory true;
                      "The source IP address where the request was made 

              leaf group {
                  type nacm:group-name-type;
                  mandatory true;
                      "The name of the group that the user who requested 
                       the operation belongs to.";
              leaf user {
                  type nacm:user-name-type;
                      "The user within the group that is requesting this 
              leaf path {
                  type nacm:node-instance-identifier;
                  mandatory true;
                      "Data Node Instance Identifier associated with the
                       data node that the request is being made on.
                       Instance identifiers start with the top-level 
                       data node, and a complete identifier is required 
                       for this value.";
              leaf action {
                  type nacm:access-operations-type;
                  mandatory true;
                      "The type of NETCONF operation being requested.";
              leaf rule {
                  type string {
                      length "1..max";
                      "The name assigned to the rule that was used to
                       authorize the action, if authorization was 
              leaf status {
                  type nacm:action-type;
                      "Action taken by the server when the above 
                       mentioned rule matched, if authorization was 


4. IANA Considerations

This document makes two requests of IANA.

The first request is to register one URI in "The IETF XML Registry". Following the format in The IETF XML Registry [RFC3688], the following needs to be registered.

URI: urn:ietf:params:xml:ns:yang:ietf-netconf-am

Registrant Contact: The IESG

XML: N/A, the requested URI is an XML namespace

The second request is to register one module in the "YANG Module Names" registry. Following the format in YANG [RFC7950], the following needs to be registered.

Name: ietf-netconf-am

Namespace: urn:ietf:params:xml:ns:yang:ietf-netconf-am

Prefix: nam

Reference: RFC XXXX

Note to RFC Editor - Please replace XXXX with the RFC id assigned to this draft.

5. Security Considerations

The YANG module defined in this memo is designed to be accessed using the NETCONF protocol. The lowest NETCONF layer is the secure transport layer and the mandatory-to-implement secure transport is SSH.

Most of the data nodes defined in this YANG module are readonly, i.e. config false, and are therefore not vulnerable in network environments. However, they might contain data that might be sensitive and should be protected with the right NACM [RFC6536] rules.

6. Acknowledgements

7. Normative References

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Author's Address

Mahesh Jethanandani Cisco Systems, Inc 170 West Tasman Drive San Jose, CA 95070 USA EMail: