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Intended status: Standards Track February 02, 2016
Expires: August 5, 2016

An X.509 Extension for Manufacturer Usage Description URI


Manufacturer User Descriptions are used by device manufacturers to provide indications to the network as to the intended use of a particular device and with what end points it might communicate. A URI points to those descriptions. This memo specifies an X.509 certificate extension to specify that URI in a device certificate to be used with IEEE 802.1AR.

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Table of Contents

1. Introduction

[I-D.lear-mud-framework] introduces the concept of manufacturer usage description. In other documents, DHCP is used to identify a URI that network systems can use to retrieve YANG-based XML that advises the network on appropriate usage of a device.

Use of DHCP as a means of transmission may not be appropriate for all use cases, particularly for devices intended for use in critical environments. The IEEE has developed [IEEE8021AR] that provides a certificate-based approach to communicate device characteristics, which itself relies on [RFC5280].

This document specifies an X.509 extension so that such MUD URI may be communicated via 802.1AR. The MUD URI extension is non-critical, as required by IEEE 802.1AR.

2. The Manufacturer Usage Description (MUD) URI Extension

[RFC7299] provides a procedure and means to specify extensions to X.509 certificates. The object identifier (OID) for extensions is as follows:

– PKIX certificate extensions id-pe OBJECT IDENTIFIER ::= { id-pkix 1 }

The choice of id-pe is based on guidance found in Section 4.2.2 of [RFC5280]:

   These extensions may be used to direct applications to on-line
   information about the issuer or the subject.

The MUD URI is precisely that: online information about the particular subject.

The new extension is identified as follows:

– The MUD URI extension id-pe-mud-uri OBJECT IDENTIFER ::= { id-pe TBD }

The extension returns a single value:

mud-uri ::= uniformResourceIdentifier – for use with mud architecture.

The semantics of the URI are defined [I-D.lear-ietf-netmod-mud].

3. Security Considerations

This document specifies a certificate extension to communicate a Manufacturer Usage Description URI. The semantics of the URI are defined in draft-lear-ietf-netmod-mud. At this time, no security concerns are visible to the author for inclusion of such an extension.

4. IANA Considerations

The IANA is requested to assign a value for id-pe-mud-uri in the “SMI Security for PKIX Certificate Extension” Registry.

5. Acknowledgments

The author wishes to thank Max Pritikin for his review and suggestions.

6. References

6.1. Normative References

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6.2. Informative References

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