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Summary of I2RS Use Case Requirements


The I2RS Working Group (WG) has described a set of use cases that the I2RS systems could fulfil. This document summarizes these use cases. It is designed to provide requirements that will aid the design of the I2RS architecture, Information Models, Data Models, Security, and protocols.

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Table of Contents

1. Introduction

The Architecture for the Interface to the Routing System [I-D.ietf-i2rs-architecture] allows for a mechanism where the distributed control plane can be augmented by an outside control plane through an open, accessible interface. This document summarizes the use case requirements for theI2RS client-I2RS Agent exchange found in the following documents:

Each group of use cases is presented in its own document. Each use case is labeled with an identifier TTT-REQ-nn where TTT represents the type of use case. The abbreviations for TTT are:

Each use case is also augmented with a notation signifying whether it is in or out of scope with regard to the current I2RS charter:

In some cases a specific draft may be out of charter, but (sub)components of it's requirement set may be in charter. In charter. As such, (IC|OC|NA) designations may appear at the draft level, at the requirement level, or at the sub requirement level. In instances where designations do not appear at more specific level, the designation at the parent level should be considered to be inherited.

2. Protocol Independent Use Case Requirements

This is a summary of the I2RS requirements found in the Protocol Independent Use Cases described in: [I-D.white-i2rs-use-case] (IC):

3. BGP Use Case Requirements

This is a summary of the requirements listed in [I-D.keyupate-i2rs-bgp-usecases] are (IC):

4. IGP Use Cases

This is a summary of the requirements listed in (ietf-draft-wu-ir2s-igp-usecases-00.txt) (OC):

5. CCNE Use Cases

The use cases in I2RS Use Cases for Control of the Forwarding Path by a Central Control Network Element (CCNE) [I-D.ji-i2rs-usecases-ccne-service] indicate the following requirements for I2RS (OC):

6. Topology Related Use Cases

This section describes Topology or Virtual Topology related requirements the I2RS interface (protocol and information model (IM) included in the following types of use cases:

6.1. Virtual Connection Use Case Requirements

6.2. Virtual Network Use Case Requirements

The requirements for the Virtual Networks on Demand (VCoD) are:

6.3. Topology Use Case

                            +----------------+ |
                            |  Applications  |-+
                                    ^   Websockets, ReST, XMPP...
           |                        |                         |
     +------------+     +------------------------+     +-------------+
     |   Policy   |<----|    Topology Manager    |---->|Orchestration|
     |   Manager  |     | +--------------------+ |     |   Manager   |
     +------------+     | |Topology Information| |     +-------------+
                        | |       Model        | |
                        | +--------------------+ |
                                  ^ ^ ^
       Websockets, ReST, XMPP     # | *  Websockets, ReST, XMPP
            ####################### | ************************
            #                       |                        *
     +------------+                 |                  +------------+
     | Statistics |                 |                  | Inventory  |
     | Collection |                 |                  | Collection |
     +------------+                 |                  +------------+
           ^                        | I2RS, NETCONF, SNMP,   ^
           |                        | TL1 ...                |
           |                        |                        |
   +---------------+        +---------------+        +---------------+
   |Network Element|        |Network Element|        |Network Element|
   | +-----------+ |        | +-----------+ |        | +-----------+ |
   | |Information| |<-LLDP->| |Information| |<-LMP-->| |Information| |
   | |   Model   | |        | |   Model   | |        | |   Model   | |
   | +-----------+ |        | +-----------+ |        | +-----------+ |
   +---------------+        +---------------+        +---------------+

The requirements in [I-D.amante-i2rs-topology-use-cases] topology use cases focus around the architecture of topology manager, orchestration manager, and policy in the figure below (IC):

6.4. Virtual Topology Data Model

The [I-D.medved-i2rs-topology-requirements] specifies the following Topology Data Model requirements (IC):

6.5. Virtual Topology IP Data Model

The [I-D.medved-i2rs-topology-requirements] specifies the following requirements for the Virtual Topology IP Data Model's IP/MPLS links and topologies (IC):

6.6. Virtual Topology Network Element

The [I-D.medved-i2rs-topology-requirements] specifies the following requirements (IC):

7. Requirements from SFC Use Cases

The SFC use case document in [I-D.bitar-i2rs-service-chaining] suggests that the following requirements (OC):

SFC-Use-REQ01 (IC):Address

has the following address requirements:

SFC-Use-REQ02 (IC):Supported Service Types

SHOULD include: NAT, IP Firewall, Load balancer, DPI, and others
SFC-Use-REQ03 (IC):Virtual contexts

SHOULD include:
SFC-Use-REQ04 (IC): Customers currently on node

SFC-Use-REQ05 (IC): Customer Support Table (per customer ID)
SFC-Use-REQ06 (OC): Service Resource table

which includes:
SFC-Use-REQ07 (IC): Virtual Network Topology (VNT)

which includes:

8. Requirements from Traffic Steering Use Cases

The requirements from the Traffic Steering use case described in [I-D.chen-i2rs-ts-use-case] are (OC):

9. Requirements from MPLS TE Networks Use Cases

Theses are the requirements from the Traffic Steering use case described in [I-D.huang-i2rs-mpls-te-usecases] (OC):

10. Requirements from MPLS LDP Networks Use Cases

These are the I2RS requirements for the MPLS LDP use case described in [I-D.chen-i2rs-mpls-ldp-usecases]:

11. Requirements from Mobile Backhaul Ues Cases

Mobile BackHaul Use cases described in [draft-ietf-zhang-mbb-usecases-01] are:

12. Requirements from Large Data Flows are

Each of these requirements has been given an an ID number of L-Flow-nn for ease of reference.

The requirements from the Large Data Flows use case described in [I-D.krishnan-i2rs-large-flow-use-case] are (IC):

13. Large Data Collection Systems

The requirements from the Large Data Collection Systems Use cases described in [draft-swhyte-i2rs-data-collection-system] are (OC):

14. CDNI

The requirements from the Content Delivery Network Interaction described in [I-D.shin-i2rs-usecases-cdni-request-routing] are (OC):

15. IANA Considerations

This document makes no request of IANA.

16. Security Considerations

Routing information is very critical and sensitive information for the operators. I2RS should provide strong security mechanism to protect the routing information that it could not be accessed by the un-authorised users. It should also protect the security and integrity protection of the routing data.

17. References

17.1. Normative References

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