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Intended status: Informational W. Townsley
Expires: May 21, 2016 Cisco
November 18, 2015

Homenet Routing Consensus Call


In order to support arbitrary network topologies and multi-homing the IETF Homenet Architecture [RFC7368] requires that a routing protocol operates inside each home network. For interoperability reasons it is necessary for there be a single “mandatory to implement” routing protocol. With the Homenet Working Group unable to reach clear consensus on which protocol that should be the Working Group Chairs (with the support of the Internet Area Director) declared rough consensus that the chosen protocol is BABEL [RFC6126]. This document confirms this decision for the record.

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Table of Contents

1. Statement

On the 27th of October, 2015, the Working Group Chairs and the Internet Area Director made the following statement to the Homenet Mailing List:

2. IANA Considerations

This document has no IANA considerations.

3. Security Considerations

This document has no security considerations.

4. Acknowledgements

We wish to thank Terry Manderson (INT Area AD) for his support.

5. Informative References

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