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BGP Large Communities applications for IXP Route Servers


This document presents suggestion and examples for application of BGP Large Communities [RFC8092] at Internet Exchange Points (IXPs). Suggestions are based on operational experiences from IXP operators and members. Any IXP operator or IXP member can consider using these communities. The document specifically focusses on Route Server [RFC7947] deployments in IXP context [RFC7948].

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Table of Contents

1. Introduction

This document presents suggestions for the application of BGP Large Communities [RFC8092] to IXP operators and members using the BGP [RFC4271] protocol. It adds specific suggestions for the operators and members of IXPs deploying BGP Large Communities as suggested in [RFC8195].

2. Justification

Networks operating in the DFZ tend to exchange routing information at multiple IXP in order to improve redundancy and geographical optimization. Besides 'the typical' IXP members an increasing amount of enterprise networks connect to IXPs. They have additional requirements. In order to offer a uniform mode of operation across different IXPs there is a need to provide standards.

3. Suggested Large BGP Community Standard List

This list proposes a standard to use in IXP operations for the use of BGP Large Communities. It was first published at the EURO-IX website [EURO-IX].

The tables below provide a per 'section' divided overview of Large Community usage.

Direct filtering RS:0-99:*
Range Description Notes Strip on export Priority
RS:0:PEERAS Do not advertise to PEERAS recommended 0
RS:1:PEERAS Advertise to PEERAS Only useful in combination with RS:0:0 recommended 1
RS:2:ms Do not announce to peers higher than ms ms = Latency of peer in ms recommended 2
AS Path prepending RS:100-199:*
Range Description Notes Strip on export Priority
RS:101:PEERAS Prepend to PEERAS once yes 3
RS:102:PEERAS Prepend to PEERAS twice yes 3
RS:103:PEERAS Prepend to PEERAS three times yes 3
RS:111:ms Prepend once to peers higher than ms yes 3
RS:112:ms Prepend twice to peers higher than ms yes 3
RS:113:ms Prepend three to peers higher than ms yes 3
Unassigned RS:200-899:*
Range Description Notes Strip on export Priority
Informational RS:1000-1999:*
Range Description Notes Strip on export Priority
Informational tags RS:1000-1099:*
Range Description Notes Strip on export
RS:1000:1 RPKI VALID Prefix is RPKI VALID yes
RS:1000:4-* Prefix is RPKI INVALID because of $REASON yes
RS:1001:1 IRRDB VALID Prefix exists in IRRDB yes
RS:1001:2 IRRDB NOT CHECKED Prefix was not checked in IRRDB yes
RS:1001:3 MORE SPECIFIC THAN IRRDB Prefix does not exist in IRRDB, but a less specific does valid entry exists yes
RS:1001:4 IRRDB Prefix not found in AS-SET or aut-num Prefix was not found in the peer's as-set yes
RS:1001:5 IRRDB INVALID ORIGIN AS Origin AS not in peer AS-SET yes
RS:1001:6 IRRDB INVALID PREFIX FOR ORIGIN AS Prefix not found in origin AS yes
RS:1002:1-* TRACER (RS #) IXP assigned ID for route server instance no
RS:1003:ms Measured RTT for advertising peer IXP measured round trip time for peer in ms yes
RS:1004:$peerAS Incoming Peer AS Use Autonomous System Number of the incoming member for that route yes
RS:1005:1 AS Object, Route Object and Organization NOT from the same region Meant as a transitioning mechanism until full RPKI deployment yes
RS:1005:2 AS Object, Route Object and Organization from within the same region yes
RS:1005:3 AS Object, Route Object and Organization from within the same region Not checked yes
Informational RS:1000-1999:*
Range Description Notes Strip on export
RS:1101:1 Prefix length too long
RS:1101:2 Prefix length too short
RS:1101:3 Bogon Prefix
RS:1101:4 Bogon AS
RS:1101:5 AS path too long
RS:1101:6 AS path too short
RS:1101:7 as-path.first != peeras
RS:1101:8 next hop IP != peer IP
RS:1101:9 IRRDB Prefix not found in AS-SET or aut-num Prefix was not found in the peer's as-set
RS:1101:10 Origin AS not in peer AS-SET
RS:1101:11 Prefix not found in origin AS
RS:1101:12 Prefix is RPKI UNKNOWN
RS:1101:13 Prefix is RPKI INVALID
RS:1101:14 Transit-free ASN in AS-Path
RS:1101:15 Too many BGP communities set on prefix
Route was filtered on export RS:1102:*
Range Description Notes Strip on export
RS:1102:1 Advertising peer declines prefix Advertising peer does not want you to receive prefix
RS:1102:2 You declined prefix from advertising peer You do not want to receive prefix from advertising peer
RS:1102:3 Maximum number of BGP communities exceeded
Unassigned RS:1200-1899:*
Range Description Notes Strip on export
IXP Specific RS:1900-1999:*
Range Description Notes Strip on export

Free to use informational communities

4. Security Considerations

Operators should note the recommendations in Section 11 of BGP Operations and Security [RFC7454] and handle BGP Large Communities with their ASN in the Global Administrator field similarly.

5. IANA Considerations

6. Acknowledgments

The authors would like to thank Colby Barth (Juniper Networks) and Bijal Sanghani (EURO-IX) for their support, insightful review, and comments.

7. Appendix: Implementation Guidance

8. References

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8.2. Informative References

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Stavros Konstantaras AMS-IX Frederiksplein 42 Amsterdam, 1017 XN The Netherlands EMail:
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