The name of this directory ("pub") comes from a decades-old convention back in the anonymous ftp age when the anonymous ftp service was the most bandwidth-consuming application. Because the bandwidth of the Internet backbone was so scarce back then, anonymous ftp servers were widely arranged to share popular collections of free software, documents, etc. by forming hierarchical networks of bucket brigades from the overseas to a number of domestic organizations. Those collections were often put somewhere under the "/pub" directory of anonymous ftp servers.

This directory ("pub") was named after the "/pub" directory of anonymous ftp servers because the purpose of creating this directory was to share my favorite collections of free software and documents with people in the local area. As the first step, I started to share two collections of technical documents; RFC and Internet Drafts. Surprisingly, the collection of the Internet Drafts were accessed from all over the world thanks to search engines. Hence, I removed my private contents from this site. My uncertain memory tells me it was probably in 2000 or 2001. The server was a mini-tower FreeBSD machine placed under my desk in my home and the external link was a 64kbps leased line. Since then, WaterSprings.ORG has served archives of RFC and Internet Drafts.

In 2011, WaterSprings.ORG became unstable due to my private reasons. At the very moment the site was to be closed, Warren Kumari kindly offered to take over the administration of WaterSprings.ORG using his resources. That is, all the computing and networking resources are arranged by him and all the software was rewritten by him. I greatly appriciate his kindness and brilliant works. Without his generosity and self-sacrifice, WaterSprings.ORG would have been closed in 2011.

In April, 2017, I carelessly misunderstood that WaterSprings.ORG had been closed. Hence, I foolishly asked Warren to let me administrate WaterSprings.ORG again to enjoy my “injury time”. He was kind enough to agree that. Since then, WaterSprings.ORG has been administrated by the original administrator again.